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Clutch Chess Day 2: Levon takes late-night lead

Fabiano Caruana beat Leinier Dominguez 12:3 just a week ago in the US version of Clutch Chess and although Leinier won the first game of the international version it seems his fortunes haven’t changed. A blunder in Game 3 saw Fabi win 3 in a row and take a 5.5:2.5 lead in the match. The match between Alexander Grischuk and Levon Aronian was too close to call until a rollercoaster 133-move final clutch game saw Levon snatch a two-point lead at what for him was 2:40 am.

Fabiano Caruana 5.5:2.5 Leinier Dominguez

Leinier Dominguez lost 8 games and won just one when the same players met in the semi-finals of Clutch Chess USA. Had anything changed in a week? Well, Fabiano Caruana’s hair was given a chance to grow…

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